About Me

I am a PhD student of philosophy at McGill University. My current research coalesces around issues related to philosophy of romantic love, neurophilosophy, and neuroethics. My previous work lied in the domain of philosophy of disability, and I continue to foster my interest on this fascinating topic. My other philosophical interests include human rights, sexuality, ethics and moral philosophy. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing,  photography, and I absolutely love music of the indie rock persuasion. I have also recently developed a keen interest in open source software and am curious to see where that leads. My primary interest, however, lies in the areas of philosophy, ideas and opinions – without which, we would be utterly boring.

One response to “About Me

  1. Hello Ray,
    Nice blog. You have an exciting are of interests which included Philosophy of romatic love. Looking forward for your posts. Good luck with your research.

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