Romantic Dysfunction, BPD, and Moral Responsibility

A Philosopher's Take

It is commonly argued that for one to be morally responsible, one must have control over one’s actions (see here for a run-down on arguments for that claim). Now, one does not generally concede that a person is moral pariah simply because the person is in the deepest stages of love, even if we do tend to lose our heads in moments of undeniable passion; but one might wonder whether some additional factor might play a role for when love nullifies moral responsibility. I want to entertain such a possibility by highlighting the fact that there are certain underlying disorders, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, that can affect one’s capacity to form romantic relationships and sustain them. I suspect that in some cases, BPD might undo moral responsibility. Here is my reasoning.

The primary features of BPD are unstable interpersonal relationships, affective…

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